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Industry Recovery Index tracks and forecasts industry health

in times of uncertainty.

Unlock commercial value as the world recovers from COVID-19.

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What is IRIS?

The Industry Recovery Index Statement (IRIS) provides instant access to industry-specific trends. Industry performance is boiled down to a single index number - Industry Recovery Index (IRI) - which is based on a combination of data points, including stock performance, B2B sales, business travel and fuel consumption. IRI is calculated at Standard Industry Division level, and trended across time and relevant geographies. IRIS includes forecasts of how industries will perform up to 8 weeks from now.

IRIS will enable you to

IRIS will enable you to


Target rebounding industries with precision


Mitigate industry -specific credit and operational risk


Remove uncertainty from your commercial strategy

What People Say

In these turbulent times, having access to IRIS means that we can stay ahead of the curve, better manage uncertainty and more smartly mitigate risk.

Alan King, Group President, Europe & Australasia, Fleetcor Technologies

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