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Manage risk, plan your operations and spot new market opportunities with the IRIS

Understanding risk, making operational decisions, identifying future opportunities and predicting timeframes and the right window to act is a major challenge for all businesses operating in these unprecedented times.


This sudden shock to the global economy was never planned for or built into traditional market and economic models and is playing havoc with traditional business decisioning tools.  This is making business predictions more challenging and riskier over the next six months and beyond.


Providing new insights into how individual industry sectors have been impacted, across which geographies and how this is evolving will be an essential tool in managing risk,  making effective operations decisions and responding to new opportunities.  


Now is the right time to make changes and meet these challenges head on.  IRIS provides the confidence for your business to do this.

What is IRIS?


The Industry Recovery Index Statement (IRIS) reports trends in Industry Recovery Index (IRI) changes, by Standard Industry Code (SIC), by geography, over time. It maps the health of UK industries using an aggregate macroeconomic index and predicts how recovery will be shaped in the future.

How does it work?


Daily updates in the data sets provide an accurate, scaled, index value from 0-100, to demonstrate how industries are performing and whether they are maintaining recovery (100) or on the verge of collapse (0). 


Data can be filtered using keywords to show industry performance, compare information across geographical locations within a 3 tiered SIC approach.


“IRIS provides the opportunity to more easily predict and understand risk in this uncertain environment, and manage your response accordingly.”


How to get IRIS

To view our range of subscriptions click here or to speak to someone directly contact us.


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IRIS is designed and developed by the team at Beyond Analysis, a leading global data science, consulting and delivery business.

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